Dental Problems in Children

6 Common Dental Problems in Children That a Dentist Orem can Help Avoiding

Parents want to give the best to their children. Right from the growth of the first teeth, it is a must to promote healthy hygiene oral habits. The issues related to dental are common in children, regardless of their age. It is the reason you must visit the dentist Orem as proactive and preventative care.

The six dental problems faced by children are:

1. Tooth Decay

Young children are not skillful in flossing and brushing without supervision. Besides, kids mostly have a sugar-heavy diet. It results in cavities and tooth decay. It causes as there is sticky plaque accumulation on the teeth surface. The acid eats away the enamel, wearing the tooth away.

Parents must help children in teaching them to brush their teeth and supervise until children get control and grasp over the toothbrush. Ensure kids brush their teeth every day, and the plaque, food particles, and bacteria do not remain. If a cavity develops, tooth filling is a must, and it involves drilling the decay away and filling it with hard-composite material.

2. Tooth Sensitivity

A child’s routine and focus are upset due to disturbing sensitive teeth. Tooth sensitivity is due to various factors that bringing a child to a dentist in Orem for a bi-annual checkup is a must. It helps in identifying the underlying cause

A child’s tooth sensitivity may include:

  • Decay areas (cavities)
  • Enamel wear and acid erosion
  • Missing filling or a cracked tooth
  • Teeth grinding
  • New permanent teeth erupted

There are treatments in a variety of sensitive teeth. It helps in reducing the discomfort and pain of your child. In case of sensitivity is due to dental-related problems, seeing a dentist Orem right away helps to aver the issue.

3. Dental Emergencies

Kids play sports, fall while bike riding or siblings have to roughhouse. These are the scenarios where dental-related accidents happen. Such an accident results in cracking, breaking, or tooth chipping. Sometimes, a permanent tooth falls out.

In case the permanent tooth falls out, call the dentist in Orem immediately for an appointment. You should place the tooth in milk, clean water, or saline solution. The dentist may place the tooth back into its place using a retainer. Parents can avoid dental emergencies by preventing sports-related injuries, and it is by giving a custom mouthguard.

4. Pediatric Gum and Gingivitis Disease

A Gum disease is not only for adults. Regrettably, gum disease and gingivitis occurs in children, as well. It is common in pediatric patients. Gum disease is aggressive in kids having poor oral hygiene. There is gum recession, mouth pain, and areas of swelling. The gingivitis left alone without care causes trouble, as it is the gum disease precursor, marked with swollen, red gums, and slight bleeding as you kid flosses or brushes.

Your child’s teeth may look crowded and crooked that kids are unable to clean their teeth properly. It may also result in gum disease or gingivitis.

5. Orthodontic Problems

Having straight teeth for children is a rare sight. There is a need for intervention. Fortunately, there are orthodontic treatments to help your teen or child smile with confidence. The teeth issues are genetic problems, and the shape and size of the jaw also have a vital role in the teeth growth of your children. Some misalignment issues in children include an underbite, overbite, spacing issues, and open bite.

It is best to get an orthodontic appointment for your child when he or she is seven or eight years. Orthodontic problems are above a crooked smile. Overcrowding of teeth and misalignments of teeth in your child causes cracked teeth, jaw problems, and oral hygiene issues.

6. Excessive Thumb Sucking

A common problem in toddlers, infants, and small kids is that they resort to pacifiers or thumb-sucking. It is to soothe anxiety. Kids as they grow older and continue with thumb-sucking habit, it becomes a problem. Thumb-sucking causes trouble in the way the teeth develop in a child. So, parents should try to avoid this habit from continuing after the toddler stage.

Chronic thumb sucking causes an open bite. It means the upper front teeth do not come with the lower front teeth, thereby leaving a gap on the closing mouth. It becomes difficult for children to chew and bite that it affects speech.

Eventually, working with your children and consult your dentist Orem to avoid common dental problems of your child.