Hormone Therapy in Women

Know A Few Things of Hormone Therapy Utah That Are Not Revealed by Doctors

Women using hormone therapy Utah means you are a resident of Salt Lake City or living in one of the states, Wyoming, Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada, or Arizona. There are various perspectives of this therapy, pros, and cons. Here are a few about this therapy that your doctor will never tell you.

Stabilizes Mood Swings

Women who underwent hormone therapy Utah may realize that they can cope with the dramatic mood shifts and irritability that comes in association with menopause and perimenopause.

No Tests of Saliva or Blood

No hormone levels testing is done by giving your blood or saliva before the hormone therapy. Thyroid problems mostly replicate the menopausal symptoms that this test is not conducted. Yet, your doctors will do the thyroid function test before recommending hormone therapy to you. Besides, testing the levels is regarded as helpful to know if the ovaries of a woman are functioning or not. The hormone level testing done in the saliva is useless.

Can be Tailored

The hormone therapy Utah is in many forms that it can be tailored. There is no one-pattern to be followed. The systemic estrogen to be delivered to your body is a hormone, and this can be done in different forms, such as through patches, pills, sprays, gels, and creams. Using tablets, creams, or rings is acceptable if you wish to deliver estrogen directly to the vagina in a low dose.

For instance, if during sexual activity, there are painful experiences, or there is vaginal dryness experienced by women, a low dose is enough as a vaginal product to cure the vagina.

No Need for Hormones Replacement

Menopause is not fun, though a part of life for women. Treating the symptoms of menopause with hormones is known as ‘hormone replacement therapy.’ As menopause is a natural occurrence, considering hormone therapy is recommended.